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Re: OT: (QLD) Pleas sign E-Petition to stop recycled sewerage, medical waste water etc in our drinking supply.

On Dec 1, 12:25 pm, "Trevor Wilson"
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A man who can't contribute anything to the discussion without calling
anyone not in full agreement with him some sort of retarded,

**This has NOTHING to do with agreement or disagreement. It has everything
to do with fact and common-sense.

uneducated red neck - even bringing up Joh (who left QLD politics over
20 years ago and is long forgotten by most) who has nothing to do with
the current water or government situation. Im surprised that something
about a "pedophile" hasnt been brought up yet.

**Let me remind you: YOU brought up the topic of some bogus, ill-conceived
and just plain moronic petition. YOU brought that stupidity into the public

Finally your infantile and repeated "Queensland bashing" comments are
a bit rich when many of the moronic comments,

**Well, no. Only Queenslanders appear to be concerned about something the
rest of the country has taken for granted. I suggest you talk to some of the
people who have been using recycled water for the best part of a decade,
BEFORE posting your inane requests to sign your silly petition.

 and insults seen on this
group for the past 7 years I have been reading it seem to come from
anywhere but QLD.  Would also like to point out, that in many parts of
QLD, are significant numbers of former NSW and VIC residents, many who
moved to QLD to retire.

**Indeed. I, of course, refer specifically to those who have been educated
by the Queensland education system. Not those who have moved there from
other states.

Trevor Wilson

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