OT: Machinery Hire .. Cheaper Rates?

Looking to maybe hire a Cherry picker or simliar for a few hours, but not having much luck finding DECENT rates .. over $200 for a "cherry picker" from Kennards for only 4 hours!

A "Man Lift" (Up/Down only), cna be hard for $98 for 4 hours, and is a BIT better .. would like to find something simliar .. only really need up/down life, for about 4 hours .. perferably for a bit less then $98 .. Anyone got any suggestions? If something with some form of rotation/swing could be had for a simliar price, that would be preferable .. and yes, I do have a license for this class of vehicle, (via work), just never had to actually hire one before ..

Thanks in advance!

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That is reasonable rates when you consider they have to service, maintian and insure the things. The cost is done on a day rate with 4 hours usually on being a few percent cheaper. The only better offer you will get is if you know someone, or find someone up the road with one and give them some cash.

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Uncle Bully

A ladder?

Seriously, 98 bucks for half a day doesn't sound all that bad for such a machine.

-- Regards, Noddy.

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Forklift with a lift cage?


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Fraser Johnston

is that the trailer version? a full size truck cherry picker costs near that price.

If you're cheap try a ladder or scaffold. expect there to be more labour involved. you may be able to hire sufficient scaffold (possibly with wheels on) for about half that price. scaffold wheels have solid tyres and are only suited to paved areas or indoors.

Bye. Jasen

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Jasen Betts

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