OT: Drilling a hole in a tight location

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Bit off topic this, but it is related to electronics. I need to drill a hole
in an aluminium frame (once-off, not production), with limited clearances.
The drill chuck must be no wider than 20mm CL to edge (most are nearer
25mm), and the drill + bit can't be longer than 100mm.  What I need is a
right angle drill attachment which isn't too wide in the drilling direction.

Can anyone suggest where one mght obtain something that will do the job.
I've tried all the local hire plaaces and tool shops. TIA

Re: Drilling a hole in a tight location

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Tried one of the Snap on tool dealers ?


Stahwille also carry a lot of more specialised tools

Neither are cheap.

May find something similar to what you are after under aerospace tools.

Some of the pneumatic tools are pretty small, also good if you
need to use them in a enclosed space / flammable area (can power them with

Other option would be get a cheap chuck and grind it down.

The snap onratcheting screw drivers are great.


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