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Re: Aldi tools

On 28/03/2012 8:58 AM, bristan wrote:
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I don't really care, the $99 tool has already saved me at least $120 in
firewood, and when I have used up all the old sleepers that I have
pulled out of retaining walls in my garden, I'll flog it for $50 in a
garage sale. I bought an electric one because I don't need to use it
away from the house, I don't have to buy fuel for it, it starts every
time, and it was cheap. It probably has as much power as a cheap 35cc
petrol one.

Its like the  el cheapo jackhammer that I got off ebay for $75, when I'm
done with it, I can easily get what I paid for it.

Getting a precision tool for life is one thing, getting a "Good enough"
<one for something specific is quite another.

Well I don't think many would argue that if you only have a casual or
temporary use for a piece of equipment then there is no point buying a  "the
Rolls Royce". I have an gmc air compressor, an Aldi rotary hammer drill and
a cheap hedge trimmer. All cheap and seldom used. They should last me as
long as I need them. However as I live on acres my chainsaw and line trimmer
are used frequently and I have stihl equipment. It is reliable and I feel
confident that they will work when required.

Re: OT: Aldi tools
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Have had similar experiences, except for a Ryobi bench grinder I
bought new in 1988,
then again a bench grinder is a pretty basic device compared to other
power tools,
just an induction motor running at full speed without gearing
with mounts on the ends for the wheels, and covers,

I very much doubt that the quality now is anywhere near back then.

Glad I read this thread, Im in the market for a new chainsaw.

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