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Before anyone starts.

Yes this is commercial advertising.
No I do not consider this spam, I consider it word of mouth of getting the
massage through.

Based on that please read on.

This is just a quick message to let everyone know the Emcom Communications
Online Store has now been launched and is open for business.

The store currently has a number of products ranging from professional two
way radios to scanners, CBs and Marine radios.  portable radios for short
range communications when out an about.  Antennas to coax to connectors,
power cable and almost everything else you would want for a radio.  The
store does not have everything in it and will slowly be expanded with
further products and product ranges.  We are still trying to source photos
of a few items and these will be added to the store as soon as possible.

One specialty item we are currently working especially for Emergency Service
on call personnel and those who often go mobile with portable equipment is a
portable radio antenna expansion to use in their car.  The kit will consist
of a patch lead that plugs into your portable radio at one end and an
external clip on antenna that goes outside the car at the other end.  The
end result is you have a vertically polarised antenna sitting outside of
your car for better reception.

Ranges that are not currently in the store that will be added in time are
along the renewable power lines.  This includes solar panels, wind turbines,
inverters, batteries (both large solar batteries and smaller gel cell
batteries), grid connect devices and more.  These items and more are
currently available from Emcom Communications just not in the store at this

Feel free to have a look at the new store at If there
is something you think is missing and needs to be added or there is a
specific product you need and are having problems getting hold of please let
us know.  We would also love to have your feedback on the layout and
functionality of the store itself of the store itself.

Of course if you know someone who would be interested in receiving this
email please feel free to pass this onto them.

Best Regards and happy shopping,

Emcom Communications

-Online Communications Store Now Open-

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