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     I have a Nordmende Model TC 2910AST 68cm. flat screen, Made in China,
TV, the chassis model is TC 2910AST and it has a Thompson tube  , its
problem is that there is no colour on AV , TV is OK. I replaced the HCF 4053
multiplexer  which is on the AV inputs ,no change,  I don't have a remote
control for the set or circuit diagram , I was wondering if anyone knows who
sells these or if anyone has any suggestions re. this problem, I have a
feeling that maybe it is just a menu setup item, although I don't know why
it would be, the AV gives a good B.W picture with normal sound.
                       Thanks  John Ely.

Re: Nordmende TV.

"John Ely"
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 **  You  ** MUST  **  get the remote control.

 Then make sure the AV input has not been set to NTSC or SECAM in the menu.

........  Phil

Re: Nordmende TV.

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unable to find out who sells  this set. I bought it at an auction without
the remote.

Re: Nordmende TV.

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Have you tried a cheap universal remote?


Re: Nordmende TV.

put finger to keyboard and composed:

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Which jungle chip does it use? My old Sanyo can be forced to either
NTSC or PAL mode by manually controlling the PAL/NTSC pin of its
jungle IC. You may be lucky ...

If you play an NTSC DVD through the AV inputs, do you see colour?

- Franc Zabkar
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