Need to ident a transistor (C9014)

Trying to repair a rechargeable camping lantern that has a small circuit board. One transistor has a broken leg.

It is marked "C9014" and "C248"and is a in a T0-92 package. Problem is that no-one has heard of a C9014. I can find a reference on the net that indicates its an NPN but my knowledge stops about there.

Can anyone advise a substitute that I could use that I stand a chance of getting from: Jaycar DSE Tandy or RS in Australia? I have asked for a C9014 and they just look at me with a blank expression :)

Thanks Al, Canberra.

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hi, have u done a search on google , altavista etc ??? i typed c9014 in and immediately came up with a lot of stuff : e.g

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looks like it is a general purpose transistor.

mark k

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mark krawczuk


** This might be it:

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Asian made devices often omit the "2S" part of the number on the package label.

Use a good magnifier on such numbers - that "C248 " could easily really be " 0248" - ie a date code for the 48th week 2002.

........ Phil

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Phil Allison

Go Futurelec webpage

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This may very well be the one you have.

You could try MPSA06 , Jaycar cat. no. ZT2286 as a substitute. Quick look suggests that Vce, Ic and hfe are in the same vicinity as C09014. You could see if Futurelec have the exact part but only if you want to wait four months for delivery.


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Peter Howard

Hi Mark, Yep I came up with similar stuff but I guess the problem is I dont understand it :) So while I can see:

NPN Silicon Transistor hFE(IC=0.1 mA) / hFE(IC=2 mA) = 0.95(Typ.)

and from another site:

Description: KTC 9014 TRANSISTOR SILICON NPN / 50V / 0.15A / 0.625W = 2SC9014 = KTC9014C = TO092

I dont know enough about electronics to tell which of the commonly available types could be substituted (ie one of the BC packages I can get from Jaycar etc???)

My electronics consists of swapping out busted bits - otherwise I am sunk. So, apologies for the dummie question but given the specs above can anyone give me another trannie I could easily get I could slot in? Thanks

mark krawczuk wrote:

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"scubaal" <

** A BC547B will do.

Just be aware of the reversed C and E pins.

......... Phil

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Phil Allison

Thanks Phil

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Have you tried 2sc9014?

Mad Pete

scubaal wrote:

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it would be a 2SC9014

"C9014" is just a common abbreviation for that.

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Oh hang on a minute it very well be that it is NOT a 2SCxxxx transistor I was caught out a few years ago with a siemans type power supply in a TV (used in the cheaper version TV's)

2SC & 2SD are always NPN transitors but this Cxxxx was in fact a working PNP transistor. .......... another case a C945 transitor (or whatever) turned out to be a BC945 But the solution is more likely to be my first example
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