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Can you get a portable MP3 player that can also play movies, full length?

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My Ipaq plays both fine. My Jornada might do it if the movie was small enough.


Wing Wong.
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Wing Wong

Beat me to it.

Convert videos on your PC to the 'fullscreen' resolution of your PDA, get a decent memory card or two, and you're set.

Bonus option of ebooks, games, all the normal PDA funcs also


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Creative make one called the Zen Portable Media centre, it's got a 20gig HD i think

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My Archos Gmini400 plays .avi files and .mp3 files. It's roughly the same size as an ipod. Here's the specs:

Video playback: MPEG-4 SP with MP3 or ADPCM stereo sound, up to 640x400 @ 30 f/s, AVI file format. Reads XviD and DivX®** 4.0 & 5.0. Play Music Video in MPEG-4.

Display: 2.2" LCD 220x176 pixels, 262 000 colours and TV output.


formatting link

The only annoyance I've found is that some .avi files won't play, and the file needs to be converted first to a compatible codec or resolution.

I got this in the US for $250 from Amazon on special, however I think the normal retail is US$399. The retail in Australia is around $700. Ouch.

[Although somehow tonight I blew up the AC charger. Dunno if I can find a replacement charger in Australia that has an output of 5V to 1.6A]

-- Geoff

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