Dear Phil
You have obvious technical ability. Please stop hiding it beneath
shoals of bad language, and try to keep your temper! Your reply will no
doubt prove my point (how's that for a reverse challenge - now he'll be
all nice!)
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** Obviously anonymous pigs like you have none.
** The word is '" colourful" - dickhead.
This is usenet - a place of near total anarchy.
Not some 19th century Methodist church social.
** Try to stop making false presumptions !!!!!
And go shove your asinine views where the sun don't shine.
............. Phil
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Phil Allison
Good Morning Phil
Well, I think you've risen to the bait and proved my point entirely (although I thought you would be subtly pleasant in reply - I was wrong about any sublety - it is obviously easier (ie requires no use of the brain) to respond in your usual way. So now I'll rise to *your* bait. Yes, as you say, Usenet is a quite different place to a "19th century Methodist church social". But it does not have to be polluted with constant foul-mouthed yapping. It is indeed a wonderful medium, where individuals can express their opinions freely, which I'm doing here. Mine is that your language is tiresome and offensive and probably immature. I know many people agree with that as they've also expressed their likeminded opinions. But unfortunately, some have been goaded to return your flames in kind, which is probably what you wanted. But you will not succeed in getting me down to your murky level. Go ahead and flame all you want - it will not provoke me to similar language beacsue I prefer to communicate without clutter. I just wish you would use your undoubted ability to help posters and stop portraying yourself in this twisted way. I still think you know what you're doing, electronicswise, so all this garbage is a real pity. As I said, it tends to hide your ability.
Phil Allis> ** Obviously anonymous pigs like you have none.
(quite mild, by his standards, I suppose.)
But wait! There's more! Read on, dear reader, to see if he can muster a scathing reply actually devoid of gutter language.
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** Fuck off - troll.
.......... Phil
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Phil Allison
Oh, here it is! I was sure Phil would have another flame, and I would respond with suitably withering but clean-languaged reply. Meanwhile, other threads have been polluted with his verbal graffiti. Come on Phil. Stop hiding your light under a bushel. It takes no effort and no intelligence to spout a string of obscenities. Instead, give us the benefit of your undeniable wisdom (and here I am *not* being sarcastic). He can do it folks, just give him a chance....
PS: I am not a troll
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PS: I am not a troll
** Didn't some former US president say something like that ???
.......... Phil
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Phil Allison
Much better! And I agree with you, if you mean who I think you mean. Absolutely unmentionable!
Phil Allis>
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Oh Dear here we go again.
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reply - I was wrong
use of the
*your* bait.
"19th century
polluted with
medium, where
doing here.
also expressed
been goaded to
wanted. But you
Go ahead and
language beacsue
would use your
yourself in this
to hide your
I'm sorry to say you are a slightly wrong here. "Quad Boy" the "Toaster Repairer" from Summer Hill has successful blown up 1 set of Quad ESL loud speakers over a week end while tinkering with them and can put together some Jaycar kit loudspeakers. Not much of a resume' eh? ;-)
I am a PA expert and have studied this sad little man for a number of years now and I would strongly suggest you stay anonymous because once this Troll gets hold of any information about you he will plaster it all over UseNet and defame you for ever.
The best policy is to ignore him and advise any potential poster of the hazards of communicating with this Bipolar Disorder sufferer. Yes he may even suffer Tourette's Syndrome as well but I believe he just has a "Potty" mouth :-) Obviously his Marist Brothers education was of little help in bashing the nastiness out of him.
BTW you are quite correct in that once you get to know him you can play him like a musical instrument and get him to perform his tricks.
Like watch the answer to this. I will be accused of net stalking, other criminal activities and be called a grease monkey - amongst other things. So Phil *IF* you read this save the wear and tear on your keyboard I will take it as read.
Ciao TT
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Pissing on the furniture and trying to cuss like the big boys isn't much of a trick.
Former professional electron wrangler.

Michael A. Terrell
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Michael A. Terrell
Hi Mark. I went over to one of the aus music/hifi groups to have a look. There was a long, well-worded post from Phil. about music, with no swearing and it was actually very interesting, showing real knowlege ("which *%^& you have $%^&ing none of, you $#@#$er," will write Phil a little sadly). It proves my point I think. he can be a good bloke. I wonder what's the secret. There have been a couple of quite good posts here too, so perhaps you're trying Phil. Good luck!
Didn't realise his school background though (in answer to another post). As a matter of interest, I have formed the image of a lonely 22 year old, with a genuine interest, but possibly an addiction which helps to make him easily angry most of the time. I wonder if I'm near the mark.
Mark Harriss wrote:
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If you read a some earlier posts below this You'll find discussion about his past behaviour and shennanigans and efforts tried by others to limit his nastiness but in the end the chronic thick hide he has means it's all a wasted effort. Lately in aus.hi-fi and he's been making an effort to be useful but it's already showing signs of slipping.
Regards Mark
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Mark Harriss
"Michael A. Terrell" wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@earthl> >
big boys isn't
Agreed ;-) But then Pavlov started out small to with his puppy dogs.
Intent being "If you can train him *possibly* you can eliminate the bad behaviour"
Very altruistic I know but hey your not allowed to shoot him :-)
Regards TT
PS Cental Florida eh? I spent a week there in Sept. '99 at Coronado Resort in Orlando and then drove down to Miami and back up the west coast. You live in a very nice part of the World - except you can keep Miami and drive on the wrong side of the road ;-)
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to have a
music, with
real knowlege
write Phil a
good bloke. I
quite good posts
of a lonely 22
addiction which helps
I'm near the
Since you are interested I will give you a run down and then you will see *why* he is like he is. This is cobbled together from stuff that PA has actually posted so it is all available with a Google.
Philip Martin Allison is nearly 60 yo, went to the Marist Bros in Melbourne before moving to Sydney in the 60's to attend Sydney Uni (not sure which one) he did 2 years of a physics and maths course and then dropped out to work in a electronics repair business where he learnt how to fix stuff. He has *NO* formal qualifications and is not licensed as anything. Several years after that he left (because the company closed ???) and started fixing stuff at home. He has a registered hobby business and an ABN, works from a rented bed-sit in Summer Hill, Sydney supposedly fixing guitar amps (and toasters).
He has never been married, lives alone, has no friends, does not have a drivers licence, is walking distance to WES components up the road and only owns antiquated lo-fi gear. He also stays at home every Xmas and posts prolifically to the net looking for anyone to take his angst out on. He abhors success and successful people especially anyone with formal qualifications. He hates not knowing information about people and has even paid to do company searches on people's businesses and has even accessed someone's criminal record! Once he has gathered the information the aim is totally discredit that person and to cause them as much embarrassment as possible and he will continue to bring up those points for ever! He has even advertised and offered a reward for information leading to the identity of an anonymous poster. If interested I have kept the post "Wanted Dead or Alive".
As I said all this is on the record from the man himself. Further it is the "Opinion" (I do stress that!!) of several people that have training in medicine/psychology that he suffers from Bipolar Disorder. It can also be seen that his mood swings coincide with the phases of the Moon. What ever the actual story is he seriously needs professional help.
The best way to deal with the person is to ignore him. Even this is giving his ego a boost because it has sopped (again) another whole group from getting on with life and discussing OT stuff. The exact same discussion is currently happening in aus.hi-fi right now.
IMHO PA is just a very sad, little old man with a huge ego and is a total failure at life.
I hope this helps.
Cheers TT
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We could always use him to QC tasers on, in a production line. ;-)
Thanks. I've never been down to Miami, and its the tourist who drive on the wrong side of the road. :) Actually, I'm a couple hours north of Orlando now, but I used to live closer and worked there for several years. My fist job in Florida was at ch 55 TV in Orlando as one of the two broadcast engineers for a 5 MW ERP TV transmitter site and the 1749 foot tower near Orange City, a three hundred foot tower site in Lisbon with the original 130 KW ERP, with studios in Leesburg and Orlando.
Former professional electron wrangler.

Michael A. Terrell
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Michael A. Terrell
this helps how?
just ignore his rants and cherry-pick the gold, of which there is plenty, alas often without enough detail to be as instructive as it could be - he tends to write down the answer, leaving the working out.
Cheers Terry
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Terry Given
A very informative screed, including...
Since you are interested I will give you a run down and then you will see *why* he is like he is.... He has never been married..
Thanks TT.
Oh, I see more clearly now. I guessed he had never been married and was about to make some remark to the effect that the lack of a fulfilling relationship might be the problem. I was wrong about the age, apparently, although I was going to suggest a 20 year old rather immature for that age (say 17?). But if he's 60 then there sure is something wrong. I guess now I know a bit more it's only fair to stop winding him up - it's so easy, and just hope he gets better. As I said, the occasional post seems quite knowledgeable and useful to me... If only he would stop the foul-mouthing he might find real companionship on the net... Good luck to Phil on his "hobby business" anyway - I wonder if he has a website?
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"TT" = a really monstrous LIAR
** Just turned 53.
** There is only one University of Sydney - which I attended in the early 70s.
** I did two years of the Electrical Engineering, honours level course.
** I knew how to build and fix "stuff" long before going to or leaving Uni.
** There simply are no licences needed to do electronics design or repair work.
** There is no such thing as a " hobby business."
** It is not a bed-sit, as TT well knows.
** All manner of professional sound gear actually.
Plus some lighting and hi-fi gear.
** Funny about all those customers ( inc some famous ones ) and friends of 25 years standing keep dropping in to see me ......
** I do not drive, but then neither does the Premier of NSW, Bob Carr.
I have a very fine hi-fi system.
Not a pile of HT crap like TT does.
** Done over the net in seconds, anyone in business needs to check out other business sometimes.
** That is an ABSOLUTE LIE !!!!
I have had no access to any criminal records.
** Bad luck if they have been lying about themselves - eh ???
** That offer still stands.
** Easy to say - shame it is all utter bullshit.
** ROTFL - the opinions of no-one with the tiniest clue or who has ever met me.
** Funny how TT is doing the DIRECT OPPOSITE of that !!!!!
Maybe that is because Terrance Graham Tencer, a gearbox mechanic of Pelican Point, Bunbury WA is a obsessive, paranoid schizo.
.......... Phil
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Phil Allison
Hi Phil
You have exercised the right of reply, and have avoided foul language and used plain language quite effectively. It has convinced me that you in the right this time! But, the usual diatribes do not.
correct. The other in Sydney is the Uni of NSW
Right, although the ATO can treat a person as having a hobby rather than a business per se, in which case none of the "expenses" (including depreciation) are deductible from any income. Not sure if the income itself is taxed if deemed as a hobby...
Yes, I wondered about that too
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