[MEL] Free today, 4 September only

Sola 200 power conditioner. Very effective, working mains filter but based on a ferro-resonant transformer so is noisy and not suited for home or office.

Sola 400 UPS. Faulty - it trips my core balance circuit breaker.

Cyrix 486 based computer. Includes proprietary CDROM interface and CDROM. Probably all working.

Lexmark Z35 printer. Empty cartridges but probably working.

Canon BJC210 printer. Probably working but only black ink.

HP Deskjet 690C. Probably not working but, if it is, it will die soon. These printers were terrible.

Epson Stylus Color 480. This one works sometimes and probably has some ink left.

I'm sorry about the short notice but it is unburnable rubbish day on Tuesday so I would like to give the scavengers a chance on Monday. If you want to request something for collection before Monday night that's OK.

You can contact me by email - david at segall dot net (the reply to address is invalid). Or you can telephone on (03) 98305026. I am in Canterbury.

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David Segall
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Perhaps the working printers and computer could be donated to the Salvos instead?

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Alas, no. I have not found a charity, including the computer recycle ones, that want them. I guess it is understandable. The cost of a couple ink cartridges is more than the cost of a new printer and who wants a computer that can only run Windows 3.1? - well a Linux geek might but they don't frequent op shops.

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David Segall

Computer Bank might be able to take them off your hands. They are at

formatting link

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Moses Lim

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