Colour code for M205 Fuses ?

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Hi all,
    Can anyone advise on colour codes used on Fuses ?. The one I have is out
of a Philips 29PT688 TV, ceramic M205 style (5mm x 20mm), but it doesn't
have any ratings stamped on the caps only says 250v.
    The colour code reads [green,black,red & blue(wide line)]. I'm guessing
this means 5,0,00 or 5amps. Does anyone know what the wide blue line means?
Is it a fast acting or slow blow? any web links or ideas. I've tried google
etc but can't find a reference to this particular coding scheme.

Thanks in advance for any info.


Re: Colour code for M205 Fuses ?

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**  I have a 20x5 fuse here that is colour coded as well as stamped.

The bands are orange, brown, red  &  wide blue.

The stamped rating is 3.15 amps, slo-blo,  250 volt.

It seems the number code is the same as for resistors  -  in mA instead of

So using that as a basis, your fuse is a 5 amp, slo-blo,  250 volt.

........   Phil

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