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Re: Lighting protection for TV antennas?

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I used Polyphaser (I think) protection devices on an array of HF antenna near
Darwin and on Bathurst Island a few years ago. Very expensive though.
Lightning strikes happen quite often in the tropics, so its only a good
idea to incorporate them in your system if that's your location AND you are
prepared to put up with the expense. BUT you (preferably an expert) would
have to design the system to accomodate the very high currents that would
occur in the event of a direct lightning strike. A very large solid copper strap
(say 75mm wide by 3mm thick) and short, would have to connect the shield
connection of the protection device to a very good ground, say a 2 metre solid
copper rod belted into the ground at the coax entry point, where the protection
device is located. No braids. Most people would simply increase their insurance
put up with the inconvenience of a dead tv, and having to replace the antenna
and coax occasionally. If you're not in high lightning strike zone, you might as
well chance it, like the rest of us.

Re: Lighting protection for TV antennas?

Thanks for the answers - I kind of suspected that remotely effective
lightning (see, I can spell, somtimes) protection was a big ask for an
antenna, but after a TV got fried by a strike, I thought I should check...

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