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Am I missing something when it comes to using a L200C.
The spec says it can deliver up to 2 amps - I can't get more that 700mA out
of one!

I have a stiff source of 32VAC and getting about 40volts DC into the device
after rectification and smooting.
No matter how I configure the damn thing I cannot achieve a 2A output at

I have tried three devices in case one was faulty. A pretty straight forward
cct I thought.

Any ideas?

Re: L200C

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**What is the thermal resistance of your heat sink?

Also, I suggest you examine Figure 3 in this spec sheet:


You're going to need to shed some Volts somewhere.

Trevor Wilson

Re: L200C

"Trevor Wilson"
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** Absobloominlutely.

You are asking the poor thing to dissipate over 60 watts !!!

The input voltage must be no more than 25V for any chance.

.....    Phil

Re: L200C

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I was missing something alright - attention to detail!!
I need to create a few power supplies with 32VAC input capable of 12VDC/2A
A quick reflection brought to mind the L200C which I used some years ago.
So, a quick scan of the spec sheet and my eyes fell on the opening
paragraphs, Vi40%; Vimax60%; Dropout 32; Adjustable and 2Amps.
Aha, just the thing for my application. Without further ado, I hashed up a
birdsnest test cct, hence the no-go situation.

Too much on the mind? Taking things for granted? - no excuses, I cocked up!

Thanks for pointing out the obvious, as per Figure 3. I now have a triac in
front of a bridge rectifier to power up the L200C at about 18VDC,
it adjusts perfectly to 12V and limits beautifully at 2A.


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