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"Mike Paull"
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**  Every project article I ever submitted to EA was published and well paid

Starting with:

True RMS Adaptor                     -     May 1985.

Power Transistor Tester             -     May  1988

Low Distortion Oscillator  #1     -     Feb  1989

Low Distortion Oscillator  #2     -    Mar  1989

Miniosc  (audio oscillator  )       -     Dec  1996

RMS  Current Monitor                -     Jun   1997

Audio Frequency Shifter             -     Aug  1997

FET  DI  Box                              -      Feb   1998

Variable  Frequency Drive         -     July    1998

Plus many letters to the editor,  several CDI items ( one of which won a
valuable prize ) and the infamous Forum re Dick Smith Electronics placing  *
fraudulent *  Ni-Cd battery advertisements in EA magazine itself  !!!

PLUS  and not least  -  exposing Rod Irving Electronics for selling
counterfeit Motorola  power transistors with ads in EA magazine.

Shame I never got DSE  " bang to rights"  for doing the same in the early
1980s with the TICs  or later on in 2000 with fake MJs when EA converted to
the putrid EAT.

.......   Phil

Re: Jim Rowe - EA Editor

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that was cute. well done.

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