Jaycar stepper motor kit

Hey all
I've tried the Jaycar forum, but their moderator must be asleep as the post
hasn't appeared yet.
The setepper motor works fine from about 30 rpm up to about 300 rpm, after
which it just vibrates back and forth between steps very fast without
rotating at all!
Is this likely to be a bung IC (555 timer, or "GAL16V8D 15LP D246DD16") or a
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Markus Stone
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Neither the problem of the IC not the caps.
You need to ramp up the speed.
If you just clock it up to high speed, the inertia of the stator has not been overcame when the next coil has been energised, result, the motor just vibrate back and forth.
Stepper motors can spin pretty fast but you got to built the speed up.
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Hello Markus,
300rpm is a lot for a stepper. Check the specs of the motor. Maybe it isn't rated to go that high.
Regards, Joerg
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Thanks Joerg and Parmin;
I think you are right - the kit seems generate pulses up to a higher frequency than the motor can handle. Strange they would match them that way. Glad it's working. Now to try the PC controlled functions!
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Markus Stone

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