I need a simple way of dimming 12V Halogens

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I work with a preformance arts company doing shows in the scottish
highlands and due to the massive amount of rain fall we need to use
water-prof lighting.

We have been using 12v hallogens with some success but I cant find any
pre-built 12v dimmers. I have found several that use 240v dimmers and
then drop the voltage down to 12v but none so far that start with a 12v

My limited understanding of switch mode power suplys makes them seem
like the logical solution but  I dont know enough to pick the right

I have found some that require only  couple of external componets and
only a small heat sink.

If someone could point me in the right direction it would save me a
great deal of heart ache.

Thank you for your time.

Re: I need a simple way of dimming 12V Halogens

** Groper alert:

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 **  Are you using 12 volt batteries or AC power  ?

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** It is generally not practical to *directly dim* 12 volt lights used in
stage performances.  Any dimming is done at the much higher AC supply
voltage level.

The problem is excessive "voltage drop" in the cables feeding the lights. A
voltage drop ( due to cable resistance and dimmer losses) of  5 to 10 volts
in a 230 volt system has very little consequence,  but in a 12 volt system
it would be a disaster.

This is why you always see 12 volt halogen lamps sited very close to their
step down transformers.

.......   Phil

Re: I need a simple way of dimming 12V Halogens


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