I have made a fool of myself

An eleven-year-old neighbour asked me some questions about electronics, and
I pointed him at aus.electronics, as one does.
A couple of days later his mother fell on me like a ton of bricks, and it is
easy to see why. He had tuned in to the newsgroup in the middle of one of
those childish, foul-mouthed, repetetive exchanges between the resident
psychopaths. I had forgotten how those posters have made the newsgroup all
but uninhabitable by decent people because they have long been filtered on
my machine and sent to an electronic limbo before I ever see any posts. What
I saw on my neighbour's machine was pretty awful. He and his mother are now
both a little wary of any kind of newsgroup, and, I fear, a little wary of
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** One does not do that with an 11 year old .
NGs are NOT kindergartens !!
** That demonstrates the utter folly of using the killfile - same as burying your head in the sand or crossing the road with your eyes shut. What a fool you are T.T.
Go have a look at "aus.tv" or "aus.legal" if you want to see far worse the here.
One of the regular posters on "aus.tv " is a convicted criminal & self confessed schizophrenic - the famous Dick Smith Foods poison extortioner - goes under the name of " I-Ierc " .
......... Phil
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Phil Allison
Even an idiot like you should know not point a kid at an unmoderated NG or forum. Your post seems to point the blame at one person when in fact many use foul childish language, including yourself. As this is a free country, grow up and get used to it.
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Fred At Home
HTML based forums are generally a lot cleaner, it's probably worth directing him to one of those.
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Michael C
Yeah even Farmer's use this group
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Magic Mushroom Farmer
I dont know about this modern sterile PC world, and school system, but I can remember at that age (11) hearing plenty of foul language, dirty jokes etc at school.
When this kid ends up in the real world, (if it still exists?) and real life, especially in the trades its a bit hard not to hear foul language at least sometimes. Its just a fact of life.
To whine about it - to me its a bit like wanting to be a plumber and then getting all upset when you happen to see a turd.
If that is the case, then both of them arent the sort of people I would want to associate with. In fact, with all the pedophile paranoia around these days in the media etc, I would strongly advise that you (or any other male) think twice and think very carefully before even talking to, or being anywhere unsupervised with someone underage.
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So, being a father is not pc ? Happy Fathers Day (you pedophiles) ? The assumption that any male who gets along well with children must have ulterior motives is NOT supported by anything other than media induced crap. The feminization of the teaching profession has seen role models for males thin on the ground within our schools. The results are not a plus for any society. Unfortunately women also abuse children. Should they "think twice and think very carefully before even talking to, or being anywhere unsupervised with someone underage. ?"
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I agree with you fully,
I was simply stating that "this is just how things are in modern australia" NOT that they are right.
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Yes, sorry. It appears that I am as bad as the other mob, I jumped in feet first without really thinking. Off the soapbox now, I'll go and hide in my kid free zone again :))
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Shocking!! Appalling!! I'll stamp both my little feet about it!!!
...... Phillip the good
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Phillip Allison

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