HTPC power supply for mobile home vs inverter

Hi all,

Just doing some homework for a mate who's looking for a HTPC (Home Theater PC) for his mobile home.

So far haven't found much except this...

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So, my question is - and there is a caveat also in trying to find a

12v DC LCD monitor, How efficient are 240v AC inverters versus direct DC PSUs?

Just guessing, but I think a HTPC will draw about 2A idle and 6A doing stuff (I may be wrong though).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

Cheers, Phil.

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I would suggest looking at a lappy usually they can be driven of a good 12v dc source and Dell as well as several other dealers used to have 12v screens , check around as I am sure they can be had

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atec 77

Hey Atec,

Well I probably would look at a lappy, and just today he's bought a new Mac > I would suggest looking at a lappy

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No idea, but for what it is worth, mini-box make a PS for a Pc mobo that plugs into a 12V battery.


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