how to connect up bulk leds ?

hi, i want to make my own lead light for workin on cars etc.... i have ordered 100 , 10 mm white leds. what is the best way to connect them up ? in series or in paralell ? i will be using around 70-90 leds. thanks,

mark k

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mark krawczuk
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Depends whats your power supply, 12 V battery? mains?

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Probably series/parrallel combo.

Depends on power supply really. What voltage are they?

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Commercial lights are usually a lot more cost effective than DIY jobs like this. But if you are doing it yourself for whatever reason then a couple of

1W/3W/5W Luxeon or Cree LEDs will almost certainly beat the pants off the 100 white 10mm LED's you'll get, and it'll be much easier to wire up. The best way to wire them up depends on the voltage source you are going to use to drive them. Usually for large arrays like this it's a series/parallel combination.


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David L. Jones

**Series/parallel. The exact arrangement will depend on what Voltage you're using. I trust you are aware that a cheap, commercial fluoro trouble light (like the nice Arlec rubber/Perspex one I use) will be slightly more efficient (less power/more light) and offer a better colour balance than your LED array. Do not discount fluoros. They offer impressive light output/power figures.

Of course, if you have nothing better to do.....

Trevor Wilson

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Trevor Wilson

Why stuff around trying to wire up dozens of LEDs ? That's a really silly idea, forget it ! Buy a fluorescent light designed for the job, they come in nice clear tube all ready to switch on. You'll save money and time.

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