how can light up an old vintage chandlier using a battery for outside party

Hi I have and old vintage chandelier. its made for using
indoors but, i want to use is for a dinner party outside for one night
under and canopy. The light has five arms and uses 25 watt bulbs. it is
85 years old and dose not have a ground wire to it. I would like to
hook it up in my house later. I have no Idea which wire is hot or
negitive. I have installed new fans light fixtures up before with
instuctions . I like to do creative things . I don't want to harm the
can anyone help me .. what kind of batter to use, car
battery or one of those 8 volt batteries that you get with a flash
light . what do I need and how to do this??
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Most likely an old pre mains DC setup, you'd need to test it with a variac at low voltages around 32 VAC and see how it lights up, if a bulb blows you're in trouble. wrote:
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Mark Harriss

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