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Re: house wiring wrong colour codes nearly got me


You can use any colour you like for active as long as its not Black,
Green, Yellow or Yellow/Green - Preferred is Red however. Three phase
is usually Red, White, Blue, but doesn't have to be. Thats what the
Current version of AS 3000 says.

Within switchboards you can use more or less any colour for anything
you like so long as its labelled, except earth is green/yellow.

Im told by some old sparkies that twin red and black TPS was often used
for switching with black as the switched active - apparently was
allowed once upon a time and was a convention but not any more.

And yes an earth must be carried and connected at each light fitting,
regardless of what its made of. Good idea to test this however as even
in new installations they seem to neglect to actually connect it which
means its not connected back to the switchboard.

In large cable sizes often all the wires are black and only identified
at the ends either with numbers or heat shrink colours.

Mains wiring is pretty simple in houses, but theres no room for
mistakes - test everything and trust no one. Don't guess on anything,
if you dont know ask someone who knows. Just because the rules say its
meant to be done in such a way, doesn't mean it was actually done that
way. Just think they could have been doing the wiring to whatever your
working on at 4:55 Friday afternoon.........


Re: house wiring wrong colour codes nearly got me

yeah, thats what i think has happened,, heard it on a movie but
'assumption is the mother of all fu@%ups' is true in so many ways
(undersiege 2 is the movie)

ta peoples, u's r all right.

Re: house wiring wrong colour codes nearly got me

Am I reading this correctly. He connected a black wire, one that he had not
tested at that, to the body of the fluoro.
That black wire had switched active on it. The red and the other black
obviously had 240 volts across them as the fluor stayed on even with the
wall switch off.
Did he check the wiring when he disconnected the BC?
The wiring may have been dodgy but testing, even observation would have
shown him something was odd.


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Re: house wiring wrong colour codes nearly got me

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That's nothing, a friend of mine the company he worked for had an
apprentice start. About 6 months later he was going home in the truck &
just happened to mention that the drum of red cable was a nice shade of
green (or is it the other way round?). The others laughed, then stopped
when they realised he was quite serious.
He was in fact *colour blind* , that was the end of his career as an
electrician, of course. They had to go back on every job that he had
attended to check every connection.

In future everyone had to do a colour blindness test.

A true story.

Kevin Martin

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