Help to identify transistor

Hi, I have some transistors (i think) that I cannot identify.

They are labelled FFT0601 in a TO-72 metal can, 4 lead

The 1st F is bold and larger than the rest of the part number and I thought that would indicate Fairchild. I think it's a fet or dual gate fet or jfet

Cannot find it in any of the usual checks

Can anyone shed some light and provide a datasheet?

Thanks Greg

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Could be Ferranti, although last time I saw their logo I remeber it to be based around a diode, but google gets me a bold F.

your multimeter can answer that one.

sounds like ferranti :)


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If it is upright, with serifs, then it is probably Fujitsu.

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On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:34:51 +1000, "gcd" put finger to keyboard and composed:

It's an FT0601 Dual Gate N-Channel MOSFET.

This is an equivalent:

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FWIW, FT0607 and FT0608 are triacs made by Fagor.

- Franc Zabkar

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Franc Zabkar

Hi all, thanks for the info.

I eventually went back to freetradezone (now partminer). I could find it in the inventory search as a fairchild part, but in the data search it came up as not found, which I consider strange.

Thanks for the nte info. I'll add them to my usual checks from now on.

Cheers Greg

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