Help Please! Old 10pin National WV3200N Colour Video Camera

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I was given a video camera which I was told was used once. It had a 10 pin
connector on it and I don't have a video recorder to go with it. I looked up
the information for a 10 pin connector and found some details for it.

1&2 Video In/Out
7&8 Audio In/Out
9&10 Power

I have connected the 3 of these to appropriate connectors, 2 RCA for video
and audio and a power plug connector. I had 3 conductors left over which I
was unsure what to do with. I plugged in the camera and used a 12VDC
unregulated power supply and an old amiga monitor to view the output. I got
a scrolling lines effect which I presume means that the output is
non-composite (without synchronisation information). The 3 other connectors
were for pins 4, 5 and 6.

From the internet information there are several different (non-standard)
connector configurations. The wires I connected were coaxial cables and the
audio is working fine. The unsynchronised video is also showing up on the
viewfinder. Power is applied to the right pins because it is working when
turned on. I have read that usually the sync information is generated inside
the camera. This doesn't appear to be the case in this camera (maybe it is

Anyway, the 3 remaining wires are non-coaxial, there is one black (pin 4),
one brown (pin 5) and one red (pin 6). From the internet information it
seems that some cameras have sync information on pins 3 (vertical) & 5
(horizontal). There is no pin 3 connector on this camera. I am assuming
therefore that the sync information will only be needed to be supplied on
pin 5. Pin 6 is described as being Record/Pause out.

So what I am proposing is to apply a black-burst signal to pin 5 and to see
if the output locks on to the pulses. I suppose I could try a output from a
composite source like a normal video to see what happens. I haven't done
that yet.

What I would like to know is if there is anywhere I could buy or make my own
black-burst generator.

Alternatively someone might have a better idea of what I should be doing. 8)

Thankyou very much for your response.

Steven Cooke

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