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About a month back Charles L posted an inquiry about reasonably priced
pliers and diagonal cutters that are NOT made in China. He asked for
brands and supplier suggestions. His thread produced 12 replies. I
did not contribute, but suggest that Hozan electronic pliers & cutters
available from Radio Parts for about $30 might be a reasonable choice.
For something with a bit more grunt, Orbis linesman pliers and
diagonal cutters are available from Middendorp for about $40.
I have to confess to being a tool collector. I don't mean someone who
searches relentlessly for tools new and old, just someone who is
always on the lookout for good tools at an attractive price. I would
never pass an unfamiliar tool shop without going in. I suspect the
contributers to this group might have similar inclinations.
I have attempted to compile a table of hand tool manufacturers,
particularly ones with web sites. It is incomplete and probably none
to accurate, but there is some great stuff there. It is attached to
this posting in Microsoft Excel. I have tried to stick to the sort of
tools that are found in Electronics/Electrical Workshops. Woodworking
handtools is another story!
You will note that the QUALITY, AUST DISTRIBUTOR and COMMENTS columns
are empty. I would be happy to receive additions of all kinds,
especially unlisted suppliers and contributions to the empty columns.
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