Greenie back down on AC supplies

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Hi to all,

 a new RIS ( Regulatory Impact Statement  ) has been published for External
Power Supplies ( ie plug packs etc) by the Australian Greenhouse Office.

( Warning - it is 3.3 megabytes of impenetrable drivel )

The most significant change is in the definition of a " external power
supply "  which now no longer includes AC types.

So, in future expect to see a BIG increase in the use of AC adaptors ( with
the rectifier & regulator circuitry included inside the product) supplied
with electronic items.

Such AC adaptors have long proved to be totally reliable, safe and RFI
ree  -  unlike the evil switching types that will now replace nearly all DC
external supplies.

Funny how things work out  -  ain't it ?

.......   Phil

Re: Greenie back down on AC supplies

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  I would have thought it was the move to switchmode supplies, rather than
transformer type supplies.
  Cost of copper is gradually increasing, and will surpass the cost of silicon
based circuits (if it hasn't already), especially when they can bring the size
of the transformer down because of this.

  That aside, I'm wondering how long el-cheapo transformer supplies from china
will last before everyone has stolen any copper that isn't bolted down,
charged with transmission line voltage, or being protected under guard.

  If that isn't happening already (well, it is in some parts of the world)
it'll happen eventually.

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Re: Greenie back down on AC supplies

On Dec 31 2007, 10:21 am, John Tserkezis
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It is already happening here.  A friend is a local electrician, and
with the recent building boom, had got a job wiring up a large number
of houses being built on a new estate.  They were there for some days,
installing the fixed wiring in dozens of homes.  The following Monday
they got a call from an irate developer "why isnt the wiring installed
plasterers are here and it isnt done"

Turned out that the whole lot had been stripped out, along with all
copper pipe, presumably to sell to scrap dealers.

Has been going on in former USSR in the past, actually saw them
removing high voltage power line one night on a movie on SBS.  They
waited for power rationing time of day (when power was turned off) -
climbed up cut it and pulled it down.

Moral of the story - leave the lines energised ;)

More brave than I would be.

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Re: Greenie back down on AC supplies


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** High voltage power distribution cables are made from aluminium -
reinforced with a steel core.

The ratio of resistance to weight is much better than copper.

.......  Phil

Re: Greenie back down on AC supplies

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A public official in Sao Paulo, Brazil told me of an incident, somewhat
related. In that country all of the big cities have neighbourhoods where
squatters build shanties out of whatever's available. They also illegally
tie into water, electricity and telecom services - sometimes with 'bribes'
to officials involved (try to disconnect us and we'll kill you). Anyway,
there was a policy to keep the streetlights on 24 hours in one area of the
city. A green-thinking official queried the rationale for this, and somehow
managed to get the policy changed so that the lighting was turned off during
the day. The mortality rate in the nearby favelas then skyrocketed, because
all the fridges stopped during the day and food went off.

Re: Greenie back down on AC supplies

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It is great news, but considering the new government seems to embrace
"green" ideas, we can expect a LOT worse things (environmental) on the
horizon compared to the previous government who didn't do much on
green issues.

Especially once the "crackpot" and "radical" greens get started, and
now have a sympathetic ear

Re: Greenie back down on AC supplies

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** The impending fiasco that will result from attempting to ban the sale of
incandescent light bulbs will be high entertainment to watch.

For anyone who has no caught up with this piece of prime greenie insanity -

......   Phil

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