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Yeah, well, it's not perfect. This is for people inclined to FIX electronic stuff. I used to repair monitors etc but don't have the inclination anymore, let alone the time OR the room.

I have a 42" Philips LCD TV here which works well BUT ... it only starts occasionally. What I have ascertained is that if EITHER the master or slave backlight inverter boards is heated with a hot air gun/hairdryer it will start up fine. Not much use like that though. The low-ESR electros have been replaced, no change.

So I can't determine which of them is faulty, and at $50 apiece for the replacement boards I'm not going any further down that road. I need the space it is taking up.

Any takers?

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Try replacing the PP cap across inverter transformer primary, worked for me once. Replace cap with much higher voltage rating, as they get hammered, I had to mount caps off the board for low height as the replacements were much larger than the originals.


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I appreciate the suggestion, but this set has been the subject of extended testing and discussion at

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and I really am sick of the sight of it.

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