For somebody who knows electronic terms in European languages.

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I am trying to identify the country of manufacture of an
electrotherapy instrument probably manufactured early last century.

Some numbers written in pencil on the inside of the wooden cabinet and
a drawer put a line across the stem of the number 7. This is of course
a European way of writing a number.

Each of four brass terminals has a label in the form of a letter
stamped into the wood:

1. What is probably the positive battery terminal has the letter 'K'.

2. The other battery terminal has the letter 'Z'.

3. One pole of a switch (function unknown) has the letter 'P'.

4. The other pole has the letter 'S'.

Can somebody identify what words these represent? I have looked in
German and French dictionaries and cannot get any sense from
'positive', 'negative', 'on' and 'off'.


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