Fisher & Paykel Error Codes

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I have with no success called F&P  Aust asking them what the following
error code may indicate - they suggested making sure the water hose was
not kinked <cringe>

Error - Wash lights ON are the 3rd  6th 7th & 8th light with a single
beep every second.

Description of events leading upto the error;

Power on
Initiate std wash cycle (med water, cold water)
Tub fills to low level marker on agitator arm
Bowl agitates slightly for 1 minute (or so)
then error lights come up - only way to stop error  code is to power
off the machine.

I post to this group as I see in the past people have posted about F&P
washing machines.

I have checked the water level tube and made sure not obstructed (and
blew thru it to endure clear), ran some local spare parts places as
well, not to successful there as well.

I have a suspicion it may have to do with the water level part of the

Thanks in advance if you can help shed some light on the error code.


Re: Fisher & Paykel Error Codes

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Which model?

Re: Fisher & Paykel Error Codes

Call F&P.
They were quite helpful to me. At least they told me what my error code


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Re: Fisher & Paykel Error Codes

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Error code No:39
The probable cause of this fault is that the pressure tube has become
blocked kinked

or has fallen of completely. Alternatively the pressure sensor may be

This from the F&P fault code listings.

Re: Fisher & Paykel Error Codes

MW059au is the model.

I have checked pressure tube, and no kinks or damaged.

I have even tested the pressure switch by blowing into the pressure
hose whilst filling this should simulate a flood,  the machine does
nothing but fill during this test.

I have concluded the same that the motor assembly needs to be replaced
(as you cannot buy the pressure switch to replace).  Can get one for
trade for about $145 exchange, but no one seems to have stock.

thanks for replies.  F&P failed to answer my questions in regards to
error lights.  They said that the lights that are on does not add up.

Although I was able to get my hands on the error codes and how to read
them after this post.  I can only assume the Phone jockey was reading
from right to left and adding the base 2 numbers incorrectly.  instead
of right to left.


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