Father of ISS Publishes ELECTRODYNAMIC Structure of the Atomic Nucleus, Down Under!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

World BlueStar Awakes With (ElectroDynamic) Start!

press release for all peoples of the world ...

birth of Electrodynamic Blue Star, Global Consciousness!

the overarching COMPLETENESS of the global corporate media
banking *gag-sputte*r chem-dissolution State -- gives witness,
birth, to our aggregate voluntaryist awakening-planetwide world
heart/mind/body collectivity. the Blue Star, world consciousness,
integrity, knowing-ness, sensitivity, gentility ... nurturing respect!



Re:  Gentlest Awakening For Our Divine World Family!

for your Wire Service!

this is the 'release' on the Nuclear Structure publication!

for a WORLD in collaboration ...
we just sent this announcement to the BBC, with a special
thanks to their editors and science writer Paul Rincon, for
sharing "Climate 'Hottest for Millennium'" with a world ready
for simple, caring, truths.
the BBC interviewed me live from New Zealand -- years ago --
and now we are back in California, my wife Megumi and I.
then the news was my X49 Scramjet spaceplane design, for
which we were conducting preliminary tests in New Zealand,
and had distributed the business plan for.
now the news is my publication of the Structure of the Atomic
Nucleus -- putting an end to a hundred years of disinfo &
fear-tactics by the 20th century corporate consumer state.
putting an end to that ignorance-based media programming
of conflict and combat focused around the nuclear industry
commitment to nuclear fission energy and arsenals.

as your science education will tell you, the global nuclear fission
industry is deadly -- and is based on the forceful breaking of
large and radioactive nuclei (heavy atomic elements) and the
production of further radiation (gamma rays, beta particles, fast
neutrons, etc.) and further radioactive decay products.
fusion, CREATION of the smallest, healthiest, elements of the
periodic table is not only a natural and organic process -- but
also can produce a hundred times more energy for a whole
collaborative world, a hundred times more energy and safety
than deadly atomic nuclear fission.

fusion, not fission. creation, not violence.

to repeat, I have now published the Electrodynamic Structure
of the Atomic Nucleus ... for ANY scientist, engineer, student,
journalist or other to download, discuss and understand,
entitled NucleonSong, it can be downloaded or discussed at:
 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NuclearStructure /

 http://groups.google.com/group/NuclearStructure /

or from a few dozen other groups and locations orbiting in

 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StarShipChina /
 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Nuclear-Physics /
 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NaturalPhilosopHER /
for three examples.
yes, the paper includes the electrodynamic structures of the
helium, lithium, berylium, boron, carbon, nitrogen & oxygen
nucleon groups (nuclei).
i.e., it reveals a new paradigm in our world -- the realm of
creation, not destruction.  nature, and the light elements of
the periodic table, are all assembled in nurturing healthy
processes ...  setting an example for global humanity in the
era of the arrival of the soon-to-be well-articulated Blue Star ...
Manido, Maitreya, Messiah,  Maschiak, Madi.
and of course, I can email you it as a 2.4 Meg PDF file.
for all our sacred relations,
Millennium Twain
father of the US/International Space Station Program,
Who's Who in the Frontiers of Science & Technology,
designer of the X49 Scramjet 'Electra' Spaceplane,
publisher of "The Undiscovered Physics"

organic, green, vegan, car-free ... refining ...
cc: Ian Wishart, Investigate Magazine

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