Electronics Engineering Pay?

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I have been working with huge companies (30,000+ employees) and in most
cases my tech's are on the same or in some  cases are on significantly
higher wages. I guess there are to many people who can design circuits these
days and not enough who can put them together? And hardly no jobs for
electronics engineers, heaps for electrical but no work in Australia for
electronic. Two people I graduated with years ago are now techs working for
a graduate engineer, because they get more pay that way. Sad days for
electronics engineering in Australia. Soon we will probably develop no
circuit boards at all in Australia.

Re: Electronics Engineering Pay?

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Depends entirely on the company, the market, the speciality of the
work you are doing, the project you are hired under, and just plain
luck and persistence. If you accept low pay then that's your fault,
not necessarily a problem with the industry. Are you comparing base
salary only? I know techs that earn a lot more than what I get, but
they work twice the hours I do, graveyard shifts etc.

I know electronics design engineers that get paid anywhere from <$50K
to $150K often for essentially the same work. 6 figure salaries are
not all that uncommon for electronics design jobs these days.

I have hardly ever seen a true "progression" pay scale as your age and/
or skills increase. It's not uncommon for graduates to come in and
earn more than than the older guys with 20 years experience, because
the grad got lucky and was hired under some new cashed-up project,
while the older guy is stuck on salary from 10 years ago and a pay
rise system that barely meets CPI.

I think there are *less* people these days who can design, there is
certainly not an over supply. A lot of companies I know have great
trouble in finding good designers. Not uncommon for jobs to be listed
for 6months+ before they fill the role.

Yes, the electronics design industry in Australia has been in decline
for many decades now, but there are still plenty of jobs around. The
market actually appears to have picked up in the last few years.

If you don't like the pay you are on, find another job that pays more,
they are out there, you've just got to look.


Re: Electronics Engineering Pay?

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I find that hard to believe, in Australia most techs as well as engineers
moved to computer jobs because there were no jobs to be had at anything
above minimum wage.
But yes, qualified electricians now earn far more than any qualified EE or
Technician, in my experience. That's where the demand is unfortunately.


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