Dangerous Mains Leads !

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**  Amasing what a little Googling will turn up ...

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Dangerous Mains Leads! - Safety warning about dangerous mains cables - have
you had this problem?

John Woodgate has advised that he has recently received a report from a
normally reliable source that a large number of potentially dangerous mains
leads have been released onto world markets. The existence of these
defective leads was first reported in Australia. The leads have an IEC 60320
connector at one end and one of various different mains plugs at the other
end. Not surprisingly, the leads carry apparently convincing approval marks.
The danger comes from the fact that the conductors are not only very thin,
but also of abnormally high resistance. As a result, not only is the
current-carrying capacity (for an acceptable temperature rise) limited, but
the protective conductor resistance is much too high - about 0.5 Ohms for a
3 m lead has been reported. When used for a computer, monitor or printer,
such leads would not overheat, but the earthing is not satisfactory, and
this would not normally be detected until, possibly, too late. If such a
mains lead were transferred to feed a higher-current load, within its
apparent current rating, it would quite possibly burn up.

We have not yet seen any press reports about this problem, but the report
received by John Woodgate said that one large manufacturer had recalled
suspect leads. It is strongly recommended that vigilance should be
maintained, implemented at the practical level by d.c. resistance
measurement checks on incoming mains leads.

The Standards Office is keen to hear from any member who has found this
problem. Please contact us.

(This warning first appeared in the September 2002 issue of Standards News,
issue 124.)

........  Phil

Re: Dangerous Mains Leads !

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Reminds me of an ad I heard on the radio recently about electrical
safety, they seem to be running a couple of different ads to make the
public aware of various things. Anyway, this particular ad talked about
extension lead safety and to ensure that you only use extension leads
with 3 pin plugs so the earth connection stays intact. Fair enough, but
I can't say I've ever seen an extension lead (legal, illegal, local or
imported) that *doesn't* use 3 pins. Has anyone?

Dave :)

Re: Dangerous Mains Leads !

"David L. Jones"
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**  Yep.

Home made ones with figure 8 or two core round cable.

Ones with the ground pin broken off the plug end.

Still got SFA to do with the horrific fire hazard created of grossly
undersized conductors in an IEC appliance lead.

.......  Phil

Re: Dangerous Mains Leads !

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Just checking all the cords we have here, I found another 4 of these
leads.  All would have been supplied in the last 18 months, All had
Australian Plugs (of different styles) and all were around the 0.5 ohm
per metre reading. Lengths vary from 1 metre to 1.5 metre.

I would suggest everyone on this group does an immediate safety check
on any leads that they may have in use.

Re: Dangerous Mains Leads !

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 **  That is indeed   VERY   worrying news.

 Surely  YOU  must know exactly who these illegal and highly dangerous leads
came from.

 So  YOU   have a massive, moral obligation to report them to the relevant
safety authority  IMMEDIATELY !!!

Unless perhaps  YOU  are in reality the importer by having purchased them
direct from China yourself  ??

Time to own up,  Mr Reed.

.........  Phil


Re: Dangerous Mains Leads !

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For kreed, and any others holding similar leads, if you do not wish to
contact one of the State based regulators yourself then please feel free to
email me and I will add these to the details for a number of samples I
already hold.  As time permits my company has been preparing test reports
(gratis) against AS/NZS3191 and AS/NZS3112 for non-compliant leads. These
tests will be completed over the next 30 days and a detailed submission
including the test reports will be submitted to both the NSW DFT and the Qld

Anyone wishing to submit samples will be required to make a statement
regarding the time and point of supply, the details will be discussed by
email and telephone.  Please note, if you supply any samples they must be
recently purchased and please do not go out looking for items to
specifically send to us as this program is drawing to a close.  Samples that
are sent may or may not be used as part of the testing program.  Most likely
they will be used to cross-reference against those that are already in the
program.  Samples will not be returnable once received but instead I will
offer a replacement cord by return post.  Until such time as the regulators
conduct and conclude an investigation we will not be able to individually
supply or publicly release test results or findings, otherwise we risk
getting sued.

For the record we are not in the cord business, nor the supply of any other
type of consumer products that would profit from the action we are taking.
This is solely being done because of the gravity of the problem and in the
interest of the public good.  We are not receiving reward nor recompense for
this action, which was commenced in Sept 2006.

I can be contacted on the following email:  au snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com.au
In the subject line please put   "AU cord-set compliance review"

WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!

"Dave"      ???????????

** WARNING  to   ALL   Aus.Electronics  readers !!!

Do  NOT   have any dealings  ** whatsoever **   with the

ANONYMOUS  raving  psychopath calling itself  "Dave".

This guy is a   GRANDIOSE    NUT   CASE

and is dangerously   SELF   DELUDED.

.......   Phil

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