crackle from RHS speaker

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I bought a receiver/amp second hand and it has a really irritating
crackle type static sound from the RH speaker. Its intermittent
and goes), could appear a few times in say one song for 5 seconds at
time or not for 15 minutes at all and then crackles for about 30
seconds or anything in between. Its pretty random.

The sound is sort of like when the receiver FM reception is bad and
you get that intermittent static sound. Except its there on all

I tried connecting to the B speaker lugs and its still there. I tried
swapping the speakers over and its still on the RH side.

If i tap the amp pretty hard it doesnt stop it when its happening and
if i tap it when its not there it doesnt start it either. Its got me
stumped and its so irritating i feel like tossing the amp in the bin.

Anyone have a clue what could be causing this?

Thanks for any advice.

Re: crackle from RHS speaker

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**Nope. Do you have a clue where the fault is (pre amp or power amp
section)? Do you know the brand and model number of the product? Do you have
the necessary test equipment to assist in diagnosis? Do you have a service

Here's a thought: Take it to a professional.

Trevor Wilson

Re: crackle from RHS speaker
Take the unit to a profession service center. The fault is either a
cold solder connection, or a component has become mechanicaly
sensitive. There are many components inside the unit, therefore its
impossible to guess. The unit would have to be troubleshooted.

Jerry G.

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Re: crackle from RHS speaker
Disconnect the RHS speaker, or invest in  Crackle remover.

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