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I need a solution for the following.

I have a laptop computer and 4 separate LCD monitors. I need the computer to display different content on all four monitors at the same time. eg play four different videos on each of the monitors at the same time from the one computer

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Tim KT

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you'd need two video cards with two vga-outs each. One agp the other pci. (or some other pcie combo)

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Nathan L,

he said he has a laptop... how would you put an agp & pci gfx card in it? is there a laptop that can do that?

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in other words it is basically impossible

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The Real Andy

Unless there is some sort of USB/PMCIA based system (unlikely) I dont see how you can.

My laptop will allow the connection of an external screen (VGA connector) in addition to its internal screen, making 2. Many others no doubt will do this

I havent used the external display socket so cant comment on the quality or resolution of image - or even if it can show a different picture or just the same as is showing on the internal screen.

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If you want to view the content of 4 different videos, without viewing them on the same screen then a client/server system is probably the only way to realistically proceed with these requirements, especially if the storage location is on a laptop computer. A couple of computers with dual video cards and high speed ethernet, each running a seperate instance of the videos would probably be the cheapest option. Your laptop would have to have a high speed ethernet port as well.

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Have a look at

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I haven't used it as I don't have multiple monitors, but it looks good.

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Robert Murphy

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