Circuit simulation and PCB software

Can anyone recommend a good CAD program(s) for circuit sim (SPICE) schematic and PCB layout ?

Preferably free or non-crippled shareware. I only need the sim to work up to about 5Mhz or so.

Cheers !

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LTspice is a very popular simulator:

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Autotrax PCB is freeware, if you don't mind using DOS

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David L. Jones

Works OK for me. :)


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Bob Parker

It is quite well behaved under 98SE, and presumably would be under ME if anyone is silly enough to be using that. In a VM under XP? Dunno.

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LTSpice is free from Linear Technology and there is a very good 3rd part Yahoo group for questions and answers ans spice models when you register.

KICAD is an open - source schemati capture and PCB program....

Google these for down loads Joe

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Joe G (Home)

David has the right idea. I, too, recommend LTSpice. As good as you'll get, at the right price: 0$

For what (little) it's worth, ... Steve

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John Skinner

program(s) for circuit sim (SPICE)



I want to simulate a circuit consisting of PowerPC processor and FPGAs as main components. Is it possible to verify the schematic and functionality of all the components in some CAD tool like LTSpice etc before getting all the things stuffed on PCB? or i am thinking science fiction ?

Regards Zubair

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program(s) for circuit sim (SPICE)

electrically there is very little to simulate - unless, of course, things are going very fast, in which case ringing, transmission line behaviour, termination etc. can be fairly easily simulated (e.g. using IBIS models).

SPICE pretty much models things at the transistor level, and there are a LOT of transistors in a power PC, or an FPGA. dont event think about it.

FPGA tools invariably have simulators, which are behavioural. likewise with microprocessor toolsets. this is all you can realistically do.

Cheers Terry

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Terry Given

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