Buying stuff from online shopping malls in China

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I've come across these two online stores based in mainland China.

first one can work without having to open an account and email verification  
and also works with paypal.
Second one need an account, like amazon & need account verification via  
email, but doesn't work with paypal.

I'm pretty sure is legit and has been around for  
a while, but I'm not comfortable punching in credit card details into their  
'secure' web page(doesn't work with paypal)
It's apparently a subsidiary which works for  
retail+wholesale quick purchases. If that's the case, I'm not sure about the  
reason for not supporting paypal!!! supports paypal, but seems too easy overall and  
can't find any reviews on internet about their legitimacy.
Even though it looks like a UK online shopping mall, it's actually based in  
Beijing, China. It claims delivery via DHL in 3-5 working days, which sounds  
too good to be true.
Their prices beat by a good percentage.

Can you guys please advice me whether these two sites(especially ) is legit or not?!

I'm about to place couple of orders via them, which are not too cheap and I  
would love to hear the experience of usenet monkeys out there with these two  
websites and more.

BTW, I'm purchaing some electronic gear, which includes Lead acid battery  
analyzers(namely MST A600, MST 8000+ , etc etc).


Re: Buying stuff from online shopping malls in China
On 4/02/2015 2:16 PM, Damian wrote:
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I've used aliexpress, and their parent alibaba, for some years, buying  
electronic bits and pieces and car parts, and have had no problems with  
them, but it is definitely caveat emptor, make sure that what you  
/think/ you are buying is what is being sold!  Example: the use of the  
word "chrome" does not necessarily mean the part is chromed steel.

I've also used Taobao via taobaofocus to get stuff from China, very  
cheap, but again, you have to be sure of what you are ordering, very  
heavy on Chinglish!

NFI about carsets.

        Gary    B-)

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Re: Buying stuff from online shopping malls in China

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Thanks.  appears to be somewhat dodgy.
They say, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually ain't.
That may be the case with them.  

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