AVR butterfly - available anywhere?

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I must have been hiding under a rock because I've only just heard of
the AVR butterfly, even though I found some press releases from 2003.
Is it still available?

Does anyone besides RS Components sell them? List price is $US20 and
RS want $AUD93.60 for it !!!

Re: AVR butterfly - available anywhere?

Hi Rowan,

Looks like my previous message was sent to your email instead of being
posted here.

Anyway, http://smileymicros.com/ seems to be the 'standard' place to
buy butterflies and the Butterfly++ Mini-Kit looks good.

Smiley has a nice (and fun) intro article here

Also, along with the other downloads Smiley have I'd recommend this
program for anyone playing with serial comms...

Re: AVR butterfly - available anywhere?

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I just checked the SonarPlus website, and they want AU$125.27 for one.
(Order number ZBP019)

I'd ring them up and check that price if I were you, as I bought mine
for about AU$30 last year.

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