Australian modems in Fiji

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Does anyone here know anything about the Telecommunications regulatory
regime in Fiji?  The company I work for has had a Fijian company place
an order for some equipment that includes two dialup modems.  What we
need to know is if it's possible to use Australian-approved modems in Fiji.

I haven't been able to find out the answer via Google, but I did find an
email enquiry form on the Fintel web site, and I sent the question to
them via that facility.

Does anyone here have any direct experience with this kind of thing, or
does anyone know who we could direct our enquiries to?

Thanks, Peter

Re: Australian modems in Fiji

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It should be legal , Fiji uses most of our technical expertise and some
Kiwi stuff for definitions in the telesomms industry try here if you
have doubs ( and legality over there is not a primary concern) /

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