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Re: Former EA Contributors

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It would have been around 1999-2000, I remember that review.

I would say without doubt that converting to EAT killed it faster than
anything else could.
Relatively speaking, a couple of product reviews in each issue, made
little difference, as the mag still had plenty of substance to it.

I also will admit to buying the Kodak DC-4800 digital camera following
a review in EA, still have it, still use it and still works great :)

Re: Former EA Contributors

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For sure.
I remember it getting really bad about 6 months before EAT, it was
obvious a very serious direction change was underway, and I think
there were a few calls for it to simply fold as an electronics
magazine. EAT of course accomplished that very quickly indeed, but
without the grace everyone wanted. The biggest gripe being that there
was no "thanks for all the fish" acknowledgment from the staff.

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Guess that depends on who you talk to. Many people had already
switched to SC and other mags many years before all this started
happening. I know a few that ditched it way back when EA was loath to
get into microcontroller designs etc.


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