A bit more on LiFi

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"Chi Nan, information technology professor at Shanghai's Fudan University, working with a research team of scientists from Shanghai  
Institute of Technical Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced they would be demonstrating and making available a LiFi  
kit at the China International Industry Fair in November. She said that the kit uses a one-watt light emitting diode (LED) to  
provide 150 Mbps access to the Internet for up to four computers."

No details yet on the router<>LED link or the PC>LED link.
Can't see how LiFi will save bandwidth if it still needs WiFi to talk to the router.

Re: A bit more on LiFi
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Why would it need WiFi? What's wrong with copper?

Bob Milutinovic

Re: A bit more on LiFi

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1) You have to get data from the PC back to the router. So far all the info
only talks about downloading from the LED to the PC.
If you have to run a cable to the PC (or use WiFi) for uploading, then there
is little point in using LiFi.

2) Although it is possible to use the power wiring to connect the LED to the router,
AFAIK current systems struggle to achieve 15 Mbps.
There are faster powerline technologies coming, but so is better WiFi no doubt.

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Re: A bit more on LiFi
On 26-Oct-13 2:00 AM, yaputya wrote:
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That's the way I see it too.

Li-Fi is only providing the link from the LED source to the PC.

Even if magically the Internet was available inside the LED source, how do you do two way comms from the PC to the LED?

Don McKenzie

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