240V transformers - 1kVA and 3kVA (or 5kVA ?)

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I have four 240V/110V 1kVA transformers in metal cases.

I also have one open 3kVA or 5kVA multitap transformer (can't tell
which). There are two sets of taps on each side - 0V, 104V, 110V,
120V. This means it could be wired for 240V/220V/208V on one side
(both windings in series) and 120V/110V on the other side (both
windings in parallel). It could also be wired as a 240V/240V isolation
transformer which would make it ideal for an electronic workshop. Each
tap has a stud for easy hookup.

All free to a good home or workshop. Pickup from Wollongong area.

- Franc Zabkar
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