using STK500 to program Atiny12

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I am using the STK500 to program Atiny12. I have done the following:
1.) plugged in the ATtiny12 into SCKT3400D1.
2.) connected RST on PORTE to PB5 on PORTB.
3.) connected XTI on PORTE to PB3 on PORTB.

I am able to program the microprocessor once but when I try to
re-program it, I got the following error:

Entering programming mode: Failed

Would you pls tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks.

Re: using STK500 to program Atiny12
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For re-programming, you must first erase the device. That can
be done automatically by checking the "erase before program"

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I did have some problems as well, but do not remember them
exactly. I see I have configured my STK500 for high-voltage
serial programming. Although this is not required for the
tiny12, I think I did that when I had these problems. But
I have also been programming tiny11's which do require high
voltage serial. :-(

Anyway, you can give high-voltage serial a try. this requires
a different connection for the prog-data connector (jumper
wires) and enabling it in the STK500 software.

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Re: using STK500 to program Atiny12
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If you have selected the wrong fuse settings for the clock, you might end up
with a situation where the micro gets no clock after programming. Without
clock, the micro won't be able to talk through it's SPI port.


Re: using STK500 to program Atiny12
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You've probably disabled one of the inputs required for serial
programming. RESET, for instance, has to be a RESET, not a GPIO. In
order for serial programming to work, you must have:

* A clock source (internal RC is OK but if you set the fuses for an
ext clock, you need to provide that clock during programming)

Re: using STK500 to program Atiny12
Thanks a lot for you guys' help!!

It turns out that if I select,

'CKSEL = 0010 Internal RC Oscillator'

instead of
'CKSEL11%11 External Crystal/Ceramic Resonator'
in the fuse bit, I would be able to perform ISP. However, how come I
cannot use the CKSEL11%11 option since I do have an external crystal
at 2.45MHz on the STK500 with the proper oscel jumper and my Tiny12 is
for 8MHz?

My second question is what are the steps to setup the micro-processor
to use external crystal. Do I need to set the port direction by
setting DDRB to 0 and PORTB to 1?

My last question is when I set the fuse bit to 'CKSEL = 0010 Internal
RC Oscillator' and I assign OSCCAL to 0xFF in my code, it only give me
a 1MHz clock. What do I need to do in order to have the maximum

Thanks again for your help, I greatly appreciate.


Re: using STK500 to program Atiny12
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The xtal socket on the STK500 drives an oscillator circuit that connects
to all the MCU sockets.  "External clock" (not ext. crystal) is the
correct option when sourcing clock from the STK500.  Docs are a bit
vague on this point.

  "Note: In a real application with only one AVR connected to the
crystal, there is no need for an external oscillator circuit. The STK500
has 8 different AVR sockets connected to the same clock system. The long
signal lines in this system makes it difficult to drive a crystal with
the on-chip oscillators on the AVR. "

Re: using STK500 to program Atiny12

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Ah, thanks for the clarification.
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