USB Host implementation with UART interface?

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Hi Group,
I m looking for a product(an ICor small board etc.) that takes on USB
host tasks and provide UART interface. Does any available?
There is lots of USB to RS232 chip or cable ... but i think none of
them has the capability to drive a USB slave product for example

We have an HP converter that can be connected to all USB printers via
ethernet. So i inspired to search such an IC(RS232 instead of

Thanks much in advance...

Re: USB Host implementation with UART interface?
The AT91RM9200 has the neccessary H/W, but you may need to run Linux to get
it to work.
The AT43USB380 Embedded USB host controller + an AT91R40008 may do what you
The AT43USB380 runs the USB host stack on chip, and the printer driver will
run on the ARM.
The AT43USB380Dk will include both chips and can be used for a protoype.
It has 1 serial port and 4 USB host ports.

Best Regards
Ulf at atmel dot com
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