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Re: Spirit rover OS problems

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Although I have built entire RTOSes in the past, I have also programmed extensive
systems using nestable interrupts. Such systems are possible if the hardware has
done its job and provided an interrupt for each possible hardware event.

The result is a very simple system with NO RTOS, but handles situations very
It simply reacts to events as they happen, and multiple events get stacked up
and unwound if they happen at the same time. It is even possible to sculpt the
"priority" of the tasks by having a high priority event handler delay the point
at which it reenables interrupts for nesting until after its critical work is
done, however, I have found that is rarely necessary. The result is a system
with excellent latency and low overhead.

The point is, there is no real reason for an RTOS to grow to a complex mass.
With critical applications, the verifiability of code must be considered
along with its function.

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