signature failure with AT89S52 on micromaster

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I've been trying to program an AT89S52 PLC44 flash chip (8052) using an
IceTech Micromaster LV48 programmer and it won't accept the signature of
the device.  It gives an error message suggesting several possibilities
- including "Secure".

I can read an OTP device ok and its signature is ok.
We use a PLCC to DIP adapter from micromaster  -  AD-44PL-44DIP.

Anyone had problems with the Atmel AT89S52?

Re: signature failure with AT89S52 on micromaster
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We had,a pair of years ago ,

buyed 2 tubes of at89s52 in DIP format from EBV ,

they apparead as at89s51 with 8KB of flash instead of at89s52 ( no timer
2 no upper 128 bytes of RAM ).

we program it with an home built serial programmer and DOS SW ,so we
don't have the possibility to check the signature .

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