Radio Power Consumption

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The MDS 4710/9710 radios have the following power characteristics.
Transmit - 2.5 amps
Online - 150 mA
Standby - 25 mA

I would estimate that a radio uses 2.6 amp hours per day. This assumes
the radios are sleeping 10 hours per day and transmitting about 5
minutes a day. (I am also assuming the radio goes into standby mode
automatically.) ---It takes 9 hours to poll for daily totals, right?

A single HCS3101 board and 3095FT consume about 25 mA, which is about
0.6 amp hour per day.

If all things are taken into consideration, you are probably using about
3.4 amp hours per day at a site with a radio, HCS3101, and 3095FT.

So, a fully charged 18 amp hour battery should last about 5 days with no

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