Parallel sense on voltage pressure transducers

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I am just curious if anyone out there has attempted to tap into existing
sensors (these are built into a industrial controller) and basically read
the values in parallel without impacting the output?
I suppose that would matter if one knew the resolution of the controller
you are trying to tap into, what the output drive of the transducer is,
what the input impdence of the input amplifier. These are things that I
could not possible know unfortunately.
 I was thinking that so fet input OP/Amp would be the way to go. The
transducers are 0-5V range output and 0-10V range output. There isn't a
lot of data on the 5V models. I could probably look up the 10V models.

I guess I am actually asking if there is a product on the market that does
this (zero impact sensor branching)?
Its a silly question I know, and not the general digital stuff we chat

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