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   I SQUARE SOFT Recruitment and Contracting has been successfully
   operating in India since 2002. We have structured our organization
   to meet the latest demands of companies and government bodies
   an innovative approach to Human Resource Management services
   the placement of Temporary, Contract and Permanent Personnel at
   operational and executive levels.

             We have an urgent requirement on

Requirement1:     RF ENGINEERING

Candidate should have excellent knowledge of RF processes and should
have worked at various stages of....
B7%    Design
B7%    Implementation
B7%    Optimization
B7%    Analysis
B7%    Engineering of GSM and CDMA 2000
Experience needed is 1-2 years.
Candidate should also have good understanding of GSM, CDMA technologies
(3G -1 X networks).
Requirement2:         SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT
B7%    Development of custom database applications using Access, Visual
Basic, Java
B7%    Work with members of Lucent across the globe to support custom
B7%    Prepare detailed reports and documentation of custom applications
B7%    Interface with the GEC and international teams to support B&P design
B7%    Initially train and become familiar with Lucent tools such as Airpro
and Ocelot to then continue to run tools independently.
B7%    Responsible for finding GIS data such as clutter, terrain, maps etc.
Once found responsible for converting data to usable format and
checking for errors or inconsistencies.
Experience needed is 1-2 years.

Re: openings on Embedded
A word about the budget for these positions would
be helpful.


isquaresoftjobs wrote:

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Re: openings on Embedded
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Consider that these positions are in Bangalore.


Re: openings on Embedded

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Still. Whoever living close while looking for a
position would be interested in the budget.
Or do they have standardized salaries, negotiated
by a union ?


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