(NewB)How to Run Threadx ?

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hello all
I have the threadx rtos source for 386. havnt bought any devlopment
tool yet. Is thr any way i can compile and run an app using this source

Is thr anyway i can boot into the threadx kernel on my 386 machine?
Please help. Is thr any link as to whr i can get the info on the same ?

Are thr any devlop tools available for evaluation that run a demo
app using the threadx source. I dont have the threadx.lib just the

I had downloaded metrowerks and iar demos. The metrowerks demo
doesnt seem to include threadx. In iar , i need the .lib file.

Is thr any way i can compile the threadx source to a .lib file. I
tried doing that using vc6. But the source also includes .asm files.


Re: (NewB)How to Run Threadx ?
On 22 Dec 2004 01:41:42 -0800, " snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com"

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Again, learn first to write readable English.
If you have got the sources, ask your vendor for help.

Do not email to snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com, it's a spam-only account :-)
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Re: (NewB)How to Run Threadx ?

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He/she demonstrated the ability to write readable English in the
previous thread after being chastised for similar wanker-speak.

Now he/she is demonstrating a propensity for laziness, so no help will
be coming from me at least (not that anybody cares, of course).

Dan Henry

Re: (NewB)How to Run Threadx ?

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I have no experience with ThreadX, but all of the realtime\embedded OS
packages I have purchased at my job, always came with, or came with the
option for the necessary tools: compilers, linkers, debuggers, etc. If you
genuinely bought this package and it didn't come with or you weren't offered
any of those tools I would say you got screwed and go complain to the
vendor. If on the other hand, you stole\pirated a copy of the OS source, go
try and figure it out for yourself, because you will get very very little
support from this group of mostly professionals(Ha! Did I say that?) under
those circumstances. And as all of the other responses have indicated, stop
writing with with that teenie-bopper-www-I-can't-spell-gobbledy-gook (did I
spell that right?) God help the soul that has to read your documentation.

Re: (NewB)How to Run Threadx ?
snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com said

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It's been pointed out to you, I'll try again on the chance you don't
really understand because of a cultural difference.  You managed to
communicate better earlier, however, so I don't really think that's the

No one is going to take you seriously until you show an effort to
completely spell out words and drop the teenager text-messaging style
of communicating.  You're working in a professional world and you're
asking professionals for help.

Emails from those who struggle with English are always accepted with
understanding, but your messages give the impression of laziness.
If someone can't make the effort to even type out a whole sentence,
they come across as wanting others to do their work for them. Is that
the case?


Re: (NewB)How to Run Threadx ?
Hai All
My deepest apologies. Am really sorry.Have always thought that any
idea was more important than the method or way used to convey it. Trust
me,do u people know how much marks i used to loose in exams because i
write like this. Only if we could write in mathematics.Anyway,its high
time i change. Writing this is going to be real difficult.Anyway,
Thanks a LOT.

The Threadx source in genuine. Honest. Why should i go for a pirated
RTOS when My dear Linux is around the corner offering the best. Its
just that the company (the place where i work) has headquaters in US.
PM has asked me to learn about Threadx. Now he has just given the
source. I dont know if he has
received any tools with it whatsoever. I assume that he hasnt
,otherwise i would nt be going through all this trouble. Now, he might
get in touch with ExpressLogic. But I cant wait,can i.

The main problem is that threadx doesnt offer any tool or compiler of
their own. Its all third party list. You have many who supports
Threadx. But, before i advise someone to buy such a tool ,i would love
to try it out myself. Thats why i am searching for an evaluation
version. And I find it very hard to find one with proper threadx
support. These third party tools offers support for a lot of other
things too. So finding one to compile threadx is difficult.Heres what i
found out.

They promised me an evaluation license. But never kept their word.

Threadx says that we could use codewarrior for it. But when i
downloaded their evaluation version for coldfire , i wasnt able to find
any option for threadx.

This has  the best result so faar. Very good people. They keep their
word. They sent me an evaluation version. But now i find that i need
the threadx.lib to compile it.

I know , the best choice is to just wait for my PM to get to talk
with ExpressLogic and finally come up with a tool. But thats gointo
take some time.

Anyway, Could someone please help. Isnt thr anyway i could get to run
threadx on my 386 machine.The threadx source i have is that which
supports 386.

I know i could do that with Linux kernel source. So i was just
thinking if its possible with threadx too.
Thankx a LOT. and Merry Christmas.

Re: (NewB)How to Run Threadx ?

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I have always found that the support from Expresslogic is very good and
definitely at least as fast as usenet and probably more accurate. You have
spent over a week here without getting what you need, so email them and try.

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Threadx is not a program, it is a library and I can see no real reason why a
manufacturer should need to "support" ThreadX any more than any other C
code. There may be enhancements to the debugger so that it can understand
threads and tasks but that's not necessary.

In the other hand, the source code for ThreadX does need to know about the
because there are some assembly files there and the procedure call code may
between compilers. Also when handling interrupts and context switches it
needs to
know a little about how the compiler arranges some things. These changes are
but critical - so using the source code with the wrong tool, or even the
wrong version
of the right tool has a good chance of failing.

Yet another reason to contact Expresslogic, they can tell you what tool the
system is
intended to be used with.

As I suggested before, get a copy of the book "Real-Time Enbedded
Multithreading :
Using ThreadX and ARM" by Edward Lamie. It will tell you what ThreadX is and
how it works
and although it discusses the ARM hardware, there isn't a lot of hardware
specific stuff and
you could easily see how it applies to other CPU's. It also has a CD with a
demo version
of ThreadX that runs under Windows with the Microsoft compiler so you will
be able to
play. I think that Amazon has it, otherwise Google for it.

Stan Katz

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