Need cPCI SBC reccomendation.

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Thanks for reading this.

I am looking for a cPCI controller that will run win2K or XP. It has to have

operating temperature range of from -20C to 85C( this is a mandatory

Also Needs a V(io) of 3.3 volts and I would like to be able to use a FLASH
drive due to the temp extremes.

Does anybody know of anyone who makes a product that might work for us?

Thanks in Advance;

C.W. Thomas

Re: Need cPCI SBC reccomendation.
For flash drives, try these Compact Flash Adapters.  It currently goes
for $1 each.

HREF= Compact
Flash   Adapters</A>

Re: Need cPCI SBC reccomendation.

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We have had succes with SBCs from Men Mikro Systems. Their prices are
very reasonable compared to some other SBC manufacturers.

   Anton Erasmus

Re: Need cPCI SBC reccomendation.
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Your temperature range will exclude many boards; you may want to focus
on boards intended for rugged/military environment. I've never needed
those specs myself, but you could perhaps find some companies at to choose from. I hear SBS, Kontron, Force/Motorola and others
have such boards. (Most rugged stuff is 3U, could be a limitation)

Nowadays I'd think most boards are +3.3V VI/O capable, so that wouldn't
be much of an issue, unless you dig up some older stuff. If you are
talking PMC VI/O, that can be a factory configurable option.

(When you use a flash drive, be careful of how often you write new data,
they are rather limited in cycles compared to a hard disk, and any
operating system must be kept from wearing out such a disk too soon.)


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