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It is a my senior year of High School and I have to complete what is known
as the Culminating Project in order to graduate. The topic of the
Culminating Project has to be something with career applications; well I
have been into computers for a long time and I have been into programming
for several years so the obvious choice for me was Embedded System
Engineering. Note that the project has to be something that is a learning
stretch so doing just programming would not work for me.

Cutting to the chase, in order to complete this project in a satisfactory
manner and graduate I have to obtain a mentor. The only "restriction" for
the mentor is that it is someone who has been involved in the specialty for
2 or more years. As my mentor I will only require 30 minutes to 2+ hours of
your time spread out across 3 months (I would prefer to get it done within a
couple days of obtaining a mentor), although at this time I see no reason
why I should have to take more then 1 hour of your time. All you will need
to do is fill out a very short evaluation form, which I will send to you,
answer career related questions I ask you in interview form, most likely via
email so no stress, and finally answer any minor questions I may have.

To summarize: I won't need a lot of your time, it will not be anything
strenuous, and it will help me a lot in completing the last thing I need to
accomplish before graduating.

If you would be willing to act as my mentor or have any questions before
deciding please contact me.


Michael Maass

Re: Looking for High School Senior Project Mentor
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You might check with http://www.telementor.org


Re: Looking for High School Senior Project Mentor
What are you thinking of doing for your embedded engineering project?

Re: Looking for High School Senior Project Mentor
I have been contacted by an interested party so I am no longer looking as of
now. If for some unforeseeable reason I need another mentor I will ask


Michael Maass

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